Farmers and Entrepreneurs work hard to stay alive

Oppi-Plaas Mark offers everyone an affordable opportunity to introduce farm produce and market products to the public.

We invite the public to support locally in a safe and entertaining environment where children can run and play while mom and dad buy vegetables and gifts.


Buy and Sell

Are you an exhibitor or are you looking for a place to buy produce fresh from the farm?

Sun and Sand

Come out to the farm and enjoy the fresh air and soil between your toes.

All Ages

Bring the kids and grandkids and remember the old days when you were a kid.


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Take a quick coffee break and apply online.


Food and Snacks

Early morning caffeine boost and all-day snacks and meals.

  • Only per approval
  • NB! Must Meet City Of Tshwane, Health & Safety Requirements

From R500.00 per day


Arts and Crafts

From gifts to pickled treats and accessories.

  • 4x4 Stands
  • No power points available
  • Indicate Products in 'Other Request' box

From R150.00 per day


Fresh Produce

Fresh from the garden or from the farm.

  • 4x4 Stands
  • 5amp power points available
  • Indicate Products in 'Other Request' box

From R150.00 per day

Questions and Answers

1Who may apply as an exhibitor?
Every farmer or entrepreneur who wants to make his product known and available to the public.
Anyone are welcome at our market - Unfortunately NO pets.
The market is every Sunday from 8h00 - 14h00. And some Saturdays on special events.
We want to keep it affordable for everyone - Entry is FREE !!!

Oppi-Plaas Mark Goals

We at Oppi-Plaas have two goals we want to achieve by hosting a farm market every week.

Goal 1:

To give local Farmers and Exhibitors the opportunity to sell their products to the public.

Goal 2:

Through our website, to give the Farmers and Exhibitors the opportunity to advertise their products which then enables customers to directly place orders with them which can then be collected from the market on weekends.

  • 1
    High quality products that one would not be able to buy so fresh at a supermarket.
  • 2
    Maximum impact to ensure our farmers and exhibitors get what they deserve.
  • 3
    Quality products that will keep our visitors coming back for more.
  • 4
    Always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow and to help more farmers and exhibitors.
  • 5
    Friendliness is with which we greet every farmer, exhibitor and visitor visiting our market.
  • 6
    Safety makes everything nice and enjoyable for mom and family.

We Strive to help our farmers and other fellow South Africans put food back on their tables.

Oppi-Plaas Mark provides an opportunity to cut out the middleman and sell high quality products directly to the public.

  • It's easy to become part of our market.
  • Plan your week to exhibit every Sunday.
  • Get ready to see results.
  • Build a customer base that will come to visit every week.
  • Apply and see how your life and business change.

Oppi-Plaas Mark in collaboration with

Together we can make a difference, support our fellow businesses and help make the Oppi-Plaas Mark a success.



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Proud exhibitors who can be visited at our market.


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